Rescue 15 Faisalabad City

Rescue 15 is an initiative of the Punjab Police to provide emergency response to the people in distress or victims of a crime. Gradually they have also been equipped to provide other police related services including legal advice, crime reporting, identification of vehicles for registration etc. The usual and most convenient method of contacting Rescue 15 is through telephone, however personal visits are also allowed. The universal number for calling the centres is 15 which is also the reason for their nomenclature. The centre staff does not respond to the emergencies themselves. They rather inform the concerned police station or the nearest police patrol for this purpose.

Locations in Faisalabad City

Name: Rescue 15, City
Location: Police Lines, Faisalabad
Name: Rescue 15, Ghulam Muhammad Abad
Location: Amipur Road, Ghulam Muhammad Abad, Faisalabad
Name: Rescue 15, D-Ground
Location: D-Ground, Peoples Colony, Faisalabad
Name: Rescue 15, Kashmir Pul
Location: Kashmir Pul, Canal Road, Faisalabad


Name: Rescue 15, Jaranwala
Location: City Jaranwala


Name: Rescue 15, Khurianwala
Location: City Khurianwala


Name: Rescue 15, Samundri
Location: Ravi Mohallah, Gojra Road, Samundri


Name: Rescue 15, Tandlianwala
Location: Tehsil Offices, Tandlianwala