Safety Tips

Essential Driving Safety Tips:

  1. It is mandatory for the two wheeler riders to wear a helmet.
  2. Helmet should be light in weight and bright coloured also stick a radium tape at the back of the helmet.
  3. Always wear seat-belts because in the event of unfortunate accidents and crash/dash, the head does not hit the steering-wheel. It helps in avoiding fractures of legs.
  4. Before going on a Long Journey…
    • Check engine-oil, coolant, brake-oil. Ensure that the wind-shield wiper is working & filled with water. If not so, get it filled
    • Check all the lights, brakes & tyres
    • Avoid driving from 11.00 pm to 5.00 am as far as possible
    • Always carry with you a spare wheel, wheel spanner, toolkit,torch, spare fuse, fan belt, water can and the manual of the vehicle
    • Always carry first-aid box & eatables. (Fruits, biscuits etc.)
  5. Dont overload because overloaded vehicles are difficult to control while driving and also cause depreciation of the whole vehicle, especially the tyre
  6. While leaving your vehicle unattended...
    • Switch-off the engine
    • Apply hand-brakes
    • Keep the vehicle in gear. Park your vehicle in first gear on a flat road and on the ascent. And on the descent, put the vehicle in reverse gear
    • Park your vehicle at parking place only
    • After parking your vehicle, confirm it is locked properly
  7. Dont drink & Drive
    • It is an offence not to follow the traffic-rules or directives given by the appropriate
    • It is essential to obtain the necessary documents such as
      • Valid Driving-license
      • Insurance
      • Registration Certificate
      • Fitness Certificate etc.
      • and to carry them while driving the vehicle.
    • It is mandatory to produce the driver's-license as and when demanded by a police-officer in uniform.
    • Make sure that the necessary documents you are carrying while driving, such as vehicle - permit ,insurance, tax etc. are legal and valid.
    • While stopping at the signal-crossing intersections,the vehicles should be stopped before the zebra-crossing-stripes
    • In occurrence of an accident, the driver must give the name and address of the owner of the vehicle to the concerned authorities, notwithstanding whether he/she is or not responsible for the accident. Like-wise the affected person/s also must give his/their names and addresses
    • It is dangerous to respond to a driver who is driving rash or behaving arrogantly.
    • Aid the small children,Women, senior citizens, the visually mi-paired and physically challenged pedestrians.
    • Always give priority to ambulance, fire brigade vehicles, or police vehicles having their sirens on.
    • Do not drive or ride a vehicle if you are in dejected, frustrated or disturbed state of mind. It may affect driving and cause accident.
    • Do not use the very bright head-lights while driving at night. It may result in the drivers coming from the opposite direction to lose control over their vehicles.
    • Do not throw a burning cigarettes, empty bottles of cold-drinks or other objects or things from a vehicle in motion. Also do not put any of your organs (Head / hands) out of a vehicle in motion.
    • Use the horn only if it is necessary. No honking is a good manner.
    • Help the accident-victims.
    • You do not have to face any legal procedures if you help the accident-victims
    • In travel, always carry a firstaid box, torch, essential instruments and a telephone book. These may help you a lot in the emergency situation.
    • Always plan your traveling.And do have occasional intervals in the long-drives.