It is a great honor for me to be appointed as CPO Faisalabad since it is third largest district which means bigger challenges and greater responsibility. Throughout my carrier as Police Officer, I have tried my level best to utilize all my skills, efforts and honesty to deliver to people. I am aware of the gigantic challenges and limited and insufficient resources but I strongly believe that if there is a will there is a way. I invite and welcome all the proposals and initiatives from civil society to make our law & order situation better and to make our cities, villages a safer place for us and for the generations to come. I would also apologize for any inconvenience to the people due to extended police check posts but I assure you it is meant for your security and we want your cooperation in this regard. I will personally make sure that all the complainants are treated with respect, regardless of their social status by the concerned police rank and file. I will also make sure that all complaints are appropriately addressed. I also want to let you know that I am personally available in my office to listen to the complaints of all ranks and file. Anybody can get hold of me on my office number which is listed below. The role of civil society in the elimination of crime is always very essential and it definitely facilitate police to get into the bottom of affairs. So, I request you to be vigilant of your surroundings and get us informed about any suspicious activity or occurrence of any illegal or criminal activity. We assure you to maintain your confidentiality. May God help me to perform my duties honestly and justly. May God help us to make our country the safest place on the earth.

Ashfaq Ahmad Khan (PSP)
City Police Officer, Faisalabad
Office: 041-9200233
Fax: 041-9200235